Pre-K Program

Enrolling your kids in a pre-k program has a ton of benefits as they are growing and in their final year(s) before kindergarten. Pre-K, short for pre-kindergarten, is one very important step in early education. It puts kids on the path to success, along with the basic skills they will learn to be ready for kindergarten.

Let’s Start with what a Pre-K Program is

Pre-K refers to a system of early childhood education that caters to children between 3 to 5 years of age. The curriculum bridges preschool and kindergarten, providing a more defined environment for the child to grow not only academically, but socially and emotionally. At Learning Ladder Academy, our Pre-K program establishes an environment that allows children to explore, discover, and flourish under well-trained instructors.

How Pre-K Sets Kids Up for Success

Placements of a child in the Pre-K program can have results that stay with them far beyond the child’s younger years. This is how Pre-K sets up a child for lifelong achievement: Early Academic Foundation: Introduce basic concepts on literacy, mathematics, and science to a child early so that they match their peers when they start their formal academic journey.

Social-Emotional Development: How to interact with peers, share, take turns, and learn to handle one’s emotions in a nurturing environment.

Language skills: Pre-K language development consists of storytelling and conversations to improve vocabulary.

Independence and self-confidence: Children learn to work when a task is individually assigned. This builds self-esteem and independence.

Problem-solving skills: Common activities in pre-K include solving puzzles and playing games, along with working in group projects, engage children in critical thinking.

Creativity/Imagination: Pre-K works on creativity through art, music, and dramatic play.

Physical development: Pre-K programs incorporate various activities to enhance fine and gross motor skills.

School readiness: Classroom routine, following instructions, engaging in group activities—all these make the transition to kindergarten smooth and easy.

Love for learning: Pre-K instills a positive attitude toward school, setting the stage for lifelong learning.

Better long-term outcomes: Research shows that children who have attended top-quality Pre-K programs are more likely to graduate high school, make it through college, and land better jobs.

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten: What’s Covered in a Pre-K Program?

At Learning Ladder Academy, our Pre-K curriculum is designed to prepare the children to meet kindergarten challenges and expectations. So, here’s a summary of the key things we cover:

Early literacy skills:

  • Letter recognition and sounds
  • Phonological awareness
  • Print Awareness
  • Vocabulary development
  • Story comprehension

Math foundations:

Number recognition and counting, basic addition and subtraction, shape recognition, sorting and classifying objects, and understanding patterns.

Science and exploration:

The child will observe and describe the natural world. It will conduct simple experiments to form questions that help in problem-solving. It learns about plants, animals, and the environment. The children should be curious and develop a scientific mindset.

Social studies:

The child understands family and community roles. The children learn different cultures and traditions and develop a feeling of personal history.

Social and emotional skills:

The children share and take turns, cooperate with others, recognize and express their emotions, develop empathy, and self-regulation skills.

Fine motor skill development:

  • The children correctly hold their pencils and crayons.
  • Cutting with scissors and properly using them.
  • Tracing and writing letters and numbers.
  • Manipulating small objects

Gross motor skills :

  • Running, jumping, climbing
  • Throwing and catching
  • Balancing and coordination exercises

Creative arts :

  • Drawing and painting
  • Music and movement
  • Dramatic play and role-playing
  • Learn different materials and techniques in art

Technology basics:

  • Introduction to educational apps and games
  • Learning the safety measures involved in using tablets or computers

Health and safety :

  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Understanding basic nutrition
  • Learning names and functions of body parts
  • Safety rules and signs

By focusing on these areas, our Pre-K program at Learning Ladder Academy sets a strong foundation for the children to transition into kindergarten. We engage in activities that make learning fun because when it seems like play, a strong base for their future academic successes is laid.

Enrolling your child in a Pre-K program is probably one of the best investments one can make in their education. It helps to create a strong base in learning, develop some key social and emotional skills, and also equips them to face formal schooling. Learning Ladder Academy is dedicated to delivering a top-notch Pre-K experience that nurtures the potential of your child and sets them on the path to lifelong success.


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