Summer camp is just around the corner and we at Learning Ladder Academy are extremely excited!

Here are some of the ways children benefit from Summer Camp:

  1. Friendships and Socialization: Camp allows children to meet new friends. A child may become known as quiet, studious, etc. but by changing their setting they can break out of their shell. Do you remember any children from your school days that came back from summer vacation much more sociable?
  2. Physical activity and Mental Stimulation: This gets children off the couch and away from video game. Physical activity is very important to everyone’s health. Studies have shown having to do a different activity on a daily basics helps the brain develop faster. Often when someone finds a new hobby or activity they become fit and have more energy and because children learn much faster than an adult they get even more benefits!
  3. Independence: Without you, their parents, around your child makes decisions on his/her own. They start to understand the importance of making good decisions through their choices and through watching their peer’s choices. Don’t you agree that it is important learn from your mistakes as a child instead of making the wrong choices as an adult? The consequences aren’t as serious for a child.
  4. Confidence and Creativity: With activity and growth comes what we normally term as success or failure, but it is important that we don’t see an outcome other than intended as bad. Every failure is life’s greatest teacher. So having a chance to try new things is a success in itself. Ralph Heath, author and leadership expert, once said, “The quickest road to success is to possess an attitude toward failure of ‘no fear’.” Creativity is also very important and at camp a child can relax and not worry about being graded. The more things we try in life, the more confident we become. EVERYTHING is a learning experience!
  5. Appreciation: Time away from home helps children appreciate their family and belongings. Just image how awesome it will be when your child shares with you all the fun and excitement they had during their day! You won’t get the same type of reaction if they played video games all day.

This only touches on a few benefits of a Summer Camp experience. If your child learns just one thing, that could be the start of shaping them for the rest of their lives!

At Learning Ladder Academy, LLC we have dedicated each week of our 2018 Summer Camp to a theme. Children will get lots of physical activity through sports, an appreciation for the arts at the Rainbow Theatre’s Peter Pan, Jr., science with an on-site planetarium and a trip to the Da Vinci Science Center, they will get wowed with a magic show, learn about fruits, agriculture and pollinators (such as bees) while getting to pick fruit at Weavers Orchard, learn discipline through Tae Kwon Do and relaxation techniques through Yoga. We have many more arts, crafts and other off-site field trips planned so please see our daily schedule on our website under the Programs Tab. We even have fun things planned for those children who are enrolled at our Center but aren’t old enough to participate in traditional Summer Camp activities…pony rides anyone?!

So get out and enjoy the summer and we hope Learning Ladder Academy, LLC can help build memories for your child they will carry with them for a lifetime. Please contact us at 610-320-9995 if you are interested in enrolling your child!

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