Getting to Know Miss Pat

The November entry in Learning Ladder Academy’s Getting to Know You series is Miss Pat.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love hanging around with my husband and sons, going to the movies, going out to eat and watching my Dallas Cowboys!

Why did you choose this career?

I love children and getting to see the growth in each child.

Tell us about a favorite teaching moment or time with a child…

My favorite teaching moment was when one of my kids (at a different center back in Texas) was able to write his own name after teaching him how to trace his letters and spell them out.

Favorite place you’ve been and why?

New York City! I have always dreamed about going one day and I was able to make my dream come true in July.

Best advice for parents:

Let kids be kids. One day they will be too big to carry in your arms.

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